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Salesforce connector Salesforce is a customer relationship management (CRM) platform that provides a suite of services to accomplish business tasks. You can create, read, update, and deactivate users, search and transfer leads, and make custom API calls to the Salesforce API.

Adding a Dynamic Record choice to a Flow. Dynamic Record choice is used to dynamically create a reusable set of choices based on a filtered list of Salesforce records. For dynamic display leads with the same e-mail address, we will use the Multi-Select Picklist field and follow these steps:
Oct 17, 2017 · Create a Flow (refer Flow #2 in the above diagram) and a Process Builder to update the login city on the custom object record. Every time a user logs in into Salesforce a record in the custom object is created by the Login Flow (refer to step 4 below). Create one more Flow (see Flow #1 in the above diagram) known as a Login Flow.
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The Salesforce flow builder currently doesn’t support sending the dynamic attachments in an email alert. For example, if you want to send all attachments attached to a record and want to them all in an email from the record then Read more…
Almost every single Salesforce program that I have been part of, I have had this requirement: To make a record read-only based on specific conditions on the record. Record Types is not an answer, especially if you are already managing multiple record types to support the client's business processes. Siebel Had this feature in 1998.
Apr 25, 2020 · Flow Terms. Lightning Flow : Includes tools for building, managing and running flow and processes. Flow Builder : Point and click tool for builder flows Flow : Application that automates business processes by collecting data and doing smething in salesforce or external System. Type Of Flow. Types of flows and where to use them (use cases provided)
Grant Access to Flow Running User w/ AccountShare Record. You can pass in the User ID of the flow’s running user as an input variable upon the start of the flow. Then, you will need to create the proper sharing permissions for that user and the appropriate record. Example below for the AccountShare record. Here I’ve just hard-coded a User ID as and example.
You can utilize lightning:navigation and the standard__recordPage page reference type here. Once the record has been saved and you have the record id (you will need to have this for the component to work), you can redirect the flow to that specific record page.Here's a snippet from the docs with relevant modification which will help you achieve the result.
Jan 04, 2020 · You can use a flow action lightning component to achieve this. https://unofficialsf.com/navigate-to-salesforce-record-view-or-edit-mode/ Point to note: You will have to launch the flow from Quick action and not URL, only then the flow action component will work.
Jan 10, 2019 · Follow. In Salesforce, When we created a flow with a drop-down, it is not respected to the record types which could be annoying sometimes. You can overcome it with this solution.
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  • Jun 01, 2020 · There are 100s of different ways you can make your flow throw an error, so you can get creative! From trying to create records without required fields, to breaking flow limits. In this blog, we won’t cover how to avoid the errors in the first place. We are going to look at how we can handle those Flow errors in the best way possible.
  • Big Idea or Enduring Question: How can you allow your users to add a topic to multiple records? How do you pass record IDs from a list view to Salesforce Flow? Topics for Objects, allow us to organize the records by using topics same as Chatter.
  • Hi Santanu - I'm not getting it! The Flow generates the Order with data from the Opportunity... upon completion of the newly generated Order the user is left on the originating Opportunity screen. It would seem to me that in order to navigate the user to the Order edit screen it would need to be a part of the Flow process ?
  • Hi There, I am using flow for creating related record .I am struggling to redirect the flow to record detail page after save.Please advise an appropriate approach. Note: I am launching the flow from url and passing Id. Thanks in advance.
  • Flow and Process Builder are powerful tools for every Admin. Extend your processes with various components to use with Flow or Process Builder that allow you to do things like Redirect a Flow to a newly created record or unlock a record.

Add recordId Variable to the Flow. Add a Get Records element with API name Get Opportunity. We'll configure it to get the record that we just updated, using the variable we created in step #1.

For instance, if I invoke a flow from a custom botton on an Opportunity record, I would like the process to end on that record's detail page. It would be great if a "Navigate To URL" option was available in Cloud Flow Designer palette as an "end process" element. The component would require a single input arg (the record ID or URL that the user ...
This example displays the related information slide of a record view for the specified record ID. You can set a specific slide in the Salesforce app, but not in Lightning Experience. createRecord : function (component, event, helper) { var navEvt = $A.get("e.force:navigateToSObject"); navEvt.setParams({ "recordId": "00QB0000000ybNX", "slideDevName": "related" }); navEvt.fire(); } Mar 14, 2020 · To set the flow to fire automatically, when a record is saved double click on the start icon. 2. You'll see a dialog box as shown below. Set the What Launches the Flow radio button to - New or updated records - flow makes fast field updates and Choose When to Launch the Flow radio button to - A record is created or updated. 2. How can an app builder determine what flow type best meets a specific business process? A. Flow Blocks B. Flow Templates C. Flow Interviews D. Flow Reference 3. An app builder needs to notify an account owner of a new support case logged by a high-risk account. Which feature should the app builder use to send a custom notification to the ...

Sep 09, 2015 · Navigates to an sObject record specified by recordId. createRecord : function (component, event, helper) { var navEvt = $A.get("e.force:navigateToSObject"); navEvt.setParams({ "recordId": "00QB0000000ybNX", "slideDevName": "related" }); navEvt.fire(); }

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Profiles in Salesforce | Salesforce profiles. Profiles in salesforce is a collection of Settings and permissions that define how a user access records. Using profile we can assign Field Level Security for Objects, Users permissions, fields, tab settings etc.